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This text is the answer to Merlin’s first intervention.
I have a script that I fire from the third menu. I have it placed in the « Format » tab, under « Custom Keystroke Script ». It is the following:
app.openDoc (« /c/Users/angel/Downloads/Books control/ » + event.value + « .pdf »);
It works but not very well: it triggers the script in the third field when I’m choosing the author of the book from the second menu and it does a few more things that are not logical.

All the books are physically in a closet, but with this file I try that every time I add one, a PDF document with its title is generated. And all the books will be in the same file folder.

There is correspondence of file names with book titles in the third drop-down list. It can be verified that the name of the file will be obtained from the title that appears in the third menu, adding the extension « .pdf ».

Sorry for my problem with the language.

Thanks in advance.