abracadabra-DocID is a plugin for Acrobat Reader

abracadabra-DocID is now part of the free abracadabraTools. Download it on this page: https://www.abracadabrapdf.net/?p=111

abracadabra-DocID adds a quick comparison tool that displays the « Permanent identifier » [ID] of PDF files.

abracadabra-DocID is free.


  • The first string is a permanent identifier based on the contents of the file at the time it was originally created; it does not change when the file is incrementally updated.
  • The second string is a changing identifier based on the file’s contents at the time it was last updated.
  • Comparing the Permanent identifier [ID] of several PDF files quickly corroborates: exactly the same, not the same at all, or a variant.
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