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Maître des clés

Hi,What do you mean by “…when it is abandoned.”?
You save a new file with the name of the value in the ListaNivel3 field, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last book entered in your database…
You also could add 3 fields to add a new book in the database, such as I did for the note field.
Let me know if you are interested.

Let me clarify: I was born in Madrid and I live in a small city very close to Madrid.

This is called a cliché! A French man wears a beret and a Spanish man looks like Don Quixote.  :geek:
But your avatar is apparently not Don Quixote…
I don’t know Madrid. I went several times in Albacete because I have a very good friend who is born there (that’s why I asked you if you came from La Mancha).
She cooks paella very well but doesn’t dance flamenco!  :joker: