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AEM Form (Livecycle Form) Set the value of a repeatable Dropdown to another Drop

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    Rakesh Kumar


    Actual file link:  https: // …

    I have a Table of which Row2 is repeatable which contain a Dropdowns with options (1st column) & a Text field (2nd column).

    Below that i have a Subform in which i have a another Dropdown which is blank with no option initially.

    Now what I want is suppose user adds 4 rows in the table and from dropdown he selects suppose
    1st row – Example 1 is selected
    2nd row – Example 2 is selected
    3rd row – Example 3 is selected 
    4th row – Example Other is select and in the text field column they write “MYNAME” (if other is selected then user has to fill the text field else text field ie column 2 is blank)

    now in dropdown in the subform (again repeatable) below which is blank initially should be populated with the above options: so the dropdown should have option as follows:
    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
    Example Other – MYNAME


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    AEM Form is not Acrobat and XFA-PDF are not real PDFs.
    So I must refer you to this forum dedicated to AEM Form:

    Rakesh Kumar

    I have already posted this issue in that forum but with no luck ..

    Rakesh Kumar

    I am talking about offline AEM Designer Forms

    Maître des clés

    I don’t believe there are active members of this forum yet who are familiar with AEM/Designer or XFA-PDF.
    Do not be surprised if this subject remains unanswered.

    Rakesh Kumar

    I have found a turnaround after looking for over 6 hours in the AEM Forum but still not found the full proof solution. Hope anyone answers ……. I personally messaged to the Top members / experts on that forum but no response (positive / negative).

    Maître des clés

    August is vacation time, you should try again in September

    Rakesh Kumar

    I got the solution to my issue on the AEM community  by radzmar and below is the script which solved my issue (incase someone else needs it). To get the context download my form which i shared in my original post.

    form1.MSF.SF_Notable.SF1.RB :: enter – (JavaScript, client)  var oRows = Table1.resolveNodes (‘Row2. [Cell1 ne “-Select-“]’), oNode, oItems, i, j, n, cValue; this.clearItems (); for (i = 0; i

    • ’); n = 0;  if (oNode.Cell1.rawValue === “Example Other Member”) { cValue = oNode.Cell2.rawValue; } else { cValue = oNode.Cell1.rawValue; }  for (j = 0; j
    • [/list]

    Maître des clés

    radzmar is a well known XFA/Designer’s guru.

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