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abracadabraTools 2020 is a set of free plugins that add several useful features to Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard

abracadabraTools for Acrobat Reader
abracadabraTools for Acrobat Reader

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abracadabraTools adds all this features in the Add-on Tools pane and in the Edit menu:

  • FLATTEN: combines (flatten) form fields and annotations so they become part of the document content (not available for Acrobat Reader).
  • WORD COUNTER: returns the number of words contained in a single page or in the whole document.
  • COMMENTS REPORT: reports all comments in the document (for Acrobat Reader only).
  • FORMREPORT: RENEWED IN VERSION 2020, generates a complete report on all form fields contained in a PDF form. (not available for Acrobat Reader)
  • HYPERLINK MAKER: adds hyperlinks to all occurrences of the searched word. More details.
  • IDENTIFIER: adds a quick Comparison tool that displays the Permanent identifier [ID] of a PDF file. More details.
  • JS CONSOLE: displays the JavaScript Console (for Acrobat Reader only).
  • NEW: creates a new blank document in one clic. 39 standard formats available (not available for Acrobat Reader).
  • SPELL CHECK: all words in a document (Acrobat’s buit-in function only checks words in form fields or in comments).
  • PROPRIÉTÉS D’UN CHAMP: (Field properties) reports all properties of the selected form field (not available for Acrobat Reader).
  • CROP: crops all pages to TrimBox in the current document (not available for Acrobat Reader).
  • RESIZE PAGES: resizes document pages (not available for Acrobat Reader).
  • DELETE PAGES WITHOUT COMMENTS: deletes all pages without comments in the current document, if there is no comments inside the document will be left untouched (not available for Acrobat Reader).
  • INDEX WITH CATALOG: adds a quick access to Acrobat Catalog in the Edit menu (for Acrobat Pro only).
  • abracadabraTools do not impose anything: only install the tools you need.
  • abracadabraTools work on macOS and Windows with Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Standard version DC (Document Cloud), version XI(11) or version X(10).
  • abracadabraTools are available in English and French, the language selection is automatic. Word counter is available in 6 languages.
  • Older versions of abracadabraTools are available on request.
abracadabraTools for Acrobat Pro
abracadabraTools for Acrobat Pro

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abracadabraTools en français

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